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What are the Pair Colour Codes for BS5308 Cables?

BS5308 Part 1 Cables

Multicore pairs in cables manufactured BS5308 Part 1 cables or PAS5308 Part 1 are unscreened and identified by insulation colour in the following sequence.


Pair Number 'A' Wire 'B' Wire
1 Black Blue
2 Black Green
3 Blue Green
4 Black Brown
5 Blue Brown
6 Green Brown
7 Black White
8 Blue White
9 Green White
10 Brown White
11 Black Red
12 Blue Red
13 Green Red
14 Brown Red
15 White Red
16 Black Orange
17 Blue Orange
18 Green Orange
19 Brown Orange
20 White Orange
21 Red Orange
22 Black Yellow
23 Blue Yellow
24 Green Yellow
25 Brown Yellow
26 White Yellow
27 Red Yellow
28 Orange Yellow
29 Black Grey
30 Blue Grey
31 Green Grey
32 Brown Grey
33 White Grey
34 Red Grey
35 Orange Grey
36 Yellow Grey
37 Black Violet
38 Blue Violet
39 Green Violet
40 Brown Violet
41 White Violet
42 Red Violet
43 Orange Violet
44 Yellow Violet
45 Grey Violet
46 Black Turquoise
47 Blue Turquoise
48 Green Turquoise
49 Brown Turquoise
50 White Turquoise


Screened pairs in BS5308/PAS5308 cables are identified either by colour insulation or by a numbered polyester film which serves as part of the screen insulation in which case each pair has one black and one blue cable in the pair.


BS5308 Part 2 Cables

Multicore pairs in cables manufactured BS5308 Part 1 cables or PAS5308 Part 1 are unscreened and identified by insulation colour in the following sequence.


Pair Number 'A' Wire 'B' Wire
1 White Blue
2 White Orange
3 White Green
4 White Brown
5 White Grey
6 Red Blue
7 Red Orange
8 Red Green
9 Red Brown
10 Red Grey
11 Black Blue
12 Black Orange
13 Black Green
14 Black Brown
15 Black Grey
16 Yellow Blue
17 Yellow Orange
18 Yellow Green
19 Yellow Brown
20 Yellow Grey
21 White-Blue Blue
22 White-Blue Orange
23 White-Blue Green
24 White-Blue Brown
25 White-Blue Grey
26 Red-Blue Blue
27 Red-Blue Orange
28 Red-Blue Green
29 Red-Blue Brown
30 Red-Blue Grey
31 Blue-Black Blue
32 Blue-Black Orange
33 Blue-Black Green
34 Blue-Black Brown
35 Blue-Black Grey
36 Yellow-Blue Blue
37 Yellow-Blue Orange
38 Yellow-Blue Green
39 Yellow-Blue Brown
40 Yellow-Blue Grey
41 White-Orange Blue
42 White-Orange Orange
43 White-Orange Green
44 White-Orange Brown
45 White-Orange Grey
46 Orange-Red Blue
47 Orange-Red Orange
48 Orange-Red Green
49 Orange-Red Brown
50 Orange-Red Grey


More information on BS5308 cable can be found on our standards page.

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